Sunday, August 6, 2017


Its been quite long not to write here. I hope you are doing fine.

and ya, hi everyone!! :) I hope we still keep in touch.

today post is about "BE WHO YOU ARE"

Its quite motivational topic here but I believed it would makes you feel better when sometimes you may face very hard situation or may be quite irritating condition or any kind of things that makes you clumsy.

Accepting and embracing who we are is fundamental and essential for us to take full responsibility for our own lives. Through accepting ourselves, we enhance our self-esteem, which gives us our self-worth.

Our true self-worth can be realized and sustained once we start exploring the world within us without being obsessed with or isolated by the world outside.

Seeing the light in our own lives gives us hope to move on. It opens up the door for us to see why we exist on this Earth. We must make the most out of each minute that ticks by, of everything we do, and of each person we are with. Give some of yourself from the heart to everyone you meet. All this begins with loving ourselves, and accepting, embracing and appreciating who we are.

We can always be better than who we are. Finding your identity and living as who you are is the best gift you can give to yourself, as all of us only live once.

"We need to learn how to love another and accept one another" (Ellen DeGeneres, American comedian,television host,actress,writer and producer)