Sunday, August 6, 2017


Its been quite long not to write here. I hope you are doing fine.

and ya, hi everyone!! :) I hope we still keep in touch.

today post is about "BE WHO YOU ARE"

Its quite motivational topic here but I believed it would makes you feel better when sometimes you may face very hard situation or may be quite irritating condition or any kind of things that makes you clumsy.

Accepting and embracing who we are is fundamental and essential for us to take full responsibility for our own lives. Through accepting ourselves, we enhance our self-esteem, which gives us our self-worth.

Our true self-worth can be realized and sustained once we start exploring the world within us without being obsessed with or isolated by the world outside.

Seeing the light in our own lives gives us hope to move on. It opens up the door for us to see why we exist on this Earth. We must make the most out of each minute that ticks by, of everything we do, and of each person we are with. Give some of yourself from the heart to everyone you meet. All this begins with loving ourselves, and accepting, embracing and appreciating who we are.

We can always be better than who we are. Finding your identity and living as who you are is the best gift you can give to yourself, as all of us only live once.

"We need to learn how to love another and accept one another" (Ellen DeGeneres, American comedian,television host,actress,writer and producer)

Monday, April 20, 2015

MANGO- everyday is a fashion show

Wearing clothes that is something we all do  every day am I right?? Ya, of course we cannot deny it at all! Fashion is like a hot trending now, growing up everyday , bigger and  getting bigger and everyone wants to keep themselves beautiful in a nice clothes, beautiful dress or what so ever. Does anyone who does not want to be beautiful in their clothing?? Tell me. I'm sure there's no one.  It is a really really one good achievement and we are a  part of being a victims of fashion! Don't you realize that?? Hahahaha, of course we are.

So, for me, I believe that fashion is like a therapy, a freedom of happiness in being pretty everyday! Ya, its true! Sometimes we need fashion to level up our confidence within our self. "Fashion is all about confidence" Trust me, they can boost up your day when you're in the middle of sadness or unhappy mood. Hey! go for shopping looking for something beautiful, amazing clothes and you know, that's the way on how we can release our stress too. Hahaha you can try it! Let's go for shopping!

When  it comes for shopping, there is one fashion brand that I love which my choice is Mango. I bet everyone knows about this brand am I right?  MANGO is one of worldwide brand fashion and the entire known product clothing over the world. 

I could say that every month I would spend my time shopping for this brand. I really don't mind spending an amount of money to go shopping for Mango product as it all about fashion and every single fashion from Mango is all up-to-date. So, I'm not really put my worries on it as I trust the brand so much. They become my favourite women's fashion brand after my first purchase few years back. I always look forward for their latest collection of items for every season. 

Since it's my favourite clothing brand it somehow makes sense that I have learned a few Mango women's clothing. Sometimes  we are not really sure how to make everything we bought look good just like they are new right? Here, let me share with you some brilliant tips that I thought I should pass the wisdom to other girls out there. (ahaaa you may a little bit surprise of this tips and tricks).

Okay, first we may have once dealing when our Mango jeans can't fit into boots nicely right?. It may from the 'fat ankles' or else unflattering situation. So what's the tips and tricks to make it looks very well? Here is the tips! You may use it when you stuck with those kind of problem. tadaaaa!!!

does it makes sense to you?? hehehe

The second problem may encounter is from your zipper jeans. Maybe some of us do not know very well on how to keep your zipper up when wearing tight jeans.  There is an easy trick to help keep the zipper up. First, you may use an unused key chain ring and slide it onto the loop of your zipper. After that, just loop it around the button. I'm really sure the tips is going to work as the right will not be looking hanging out because it will be concealed under the denim and you wont get caught with your zipper down. 

There's no point if we are looking pretty good outside but at the same time we got strong smell of body odor. Of course, we need deodorant to do this job. But eventually, the deodorant will causes ugly mark onto your blouse isn't? So don't you worry, as I got the tips on how to handle this. (muehehhehe). You just use a piece of baby wipes  and then gently wipe onto your clothes  as this will help you to remove the deodorant marks.  Have a try okay?!

Last but not least, here is one useful tips on how to eliminate the yellow stain in your shirt. First, spray the underarms of your shirt with lemon juice before you wash it. I'm sure you'll be amazed how nice this trick and it works like magic!!

Okay, I think,  I'm done sharing with those tips and tricks with you that I'd learned from MANGO stuff. Hoping all those tips and tricks may help you. Shopping is a good therapy.  Believe me it will drive your good mood as well.  Thanks for reading my post!!  bye see you soon! Let's see MANGO product here and shopping with them! Mango Women's Clothing