Tuesday, January 20, 2015

so, what is your plan?

i dont think so that you, ya youuuuu.... (siapa lagi) never and ever making a plan right? or maybe the plan is not coming yet (i guess) hehehehe so now im going to talk about the planning. have you ever imagined on how you making the plan so well prepared, and yet the plan didnt work?!! (Oh maaannn!) sakit tak sakit kaannnn? 

 "eh you takde rasa nak planning apa apa yang menyeronokkan?"

selalunya, kadang kadang apa yang kita nak plan ni bukan main susah nak jadi even kita ni sungguh sungguh nak buat itu ini itu ini. tadaaa!! ini bukanlah alasan. meaning that, there's no reason to let everything down , so we, have to make sure that planning thingy settle on time .  *okay janji* sep sikit!

but not about jodoh la. sometimes we're trying so hard and really hard, but if Allah dont say "kun fa yakun" ya, no jodoh. but it doesnt matter for us, just hmm you know, . everything need time to grow. *okaysmileback* 

talk about planning, im really sure, everyone have their own planning so does me. what can I say, I have a lot of planning, and sometimes, omg which one I have to put it first?? 

my planning is suprise. boleh tak nak cakap macam tu? hehehe no la, im joking. well prepared plan is better isnt? so my plan for 2015, maybe i'll have one short vacation to Sarawak, Sabah mostly pulau pulau (I stay Sabah nearly 2 years eh rugi tau tak jalan jalan). The most beautiful island in Sabah is Mabul Island. but im not fulfill it yet in this year, maybe tahun last I study here, i'll go there. *im sure* and maybe will go back to Desa Farm, rindduuu. okay we'll meet back for new exciting story!

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